Russco III, Inc., a company born in rural Arkansas when two young brothers began designing, building and selling hand-tuned wind chimes for extra family money.

It isn’t unusual in “The Natural State” to find a business built on the premise of hand craftsmanship and ingenuity. What’s extraordinary is the height to which Russco has risen as a premiere manufacturer and international distributor of arguably the finest decorative home and garden products available in the world. 

A combination of multi-faceted product lines and technology, as well as a renewed consumer interest in quality home and garden time, continues to drive Russco III, Inc.’s sales by double digit increases year after year. Annually, the company aims to replace nearly one-half of its entire line with new products—meaning the consumer will always find the latest and most innovative garden accents in
Russco products.

To say the company has moved beyond wind chimes is an understatement, though wind chimes “tuned by hand” will always be a mainstay in the company’s product line. Even if the process is a little more labor-intensive and continually requires staff training, Russco will continue to provide wind chimes that are as pleasing to the ear as they are to the eye. It’s a value-added feature that consumers appreciate and a feature that sets Russco’s wind chimes apart from the rest.

Russco III, Inc.’s product line includes the company’s unique resurrection of fiber-optic lighting, which in-house designers are using in new and innovative ways to add interest to gazing balls and outdoor lighting. Customers are experiencing a phenomenal response to the outdoor fiber-optic creations. One catalogue company has reported “Russco’s fiber- optic light strands were the number one selling item in our 25-year history.” Success stories like these have helped propel Russco to its coveted status as the leading home and garden décor specialist.

Russco III. Inc. also puts its own unique twist on other more commonly-used materials to create unique garden masterpieces.

Each season, the company’s designers create new and exciting products and accessories with a plethora of materials including wire, concrete, glass, metal, and copper in a variety of colors and applications.

In 2003, Russco III, Inc. became the first in its industry to debut a custom-designed mobile showroom. The venture enabled the company’s sales and marketing staff to travel the United States and Canada, showcasing the company’s entire product line in its own environment. The mobile unit makes more efficient use of buyers’ time during line reviews and is one way Russco’s President and CEO Rich Harral seeks to differentiate his company from its competitors.

“We already know that the quality, technology and design of our product line really stand out in the marketplace,” he said. “Now, with the mobile showroom, we are focusing on giving buyers and distributors efficient and unique insight into our products as they will be used by the consumer. It will be an experience well worth the investment for us and will set an industry precedent for the future.”

After 38 years, Russco III, Inc. is still headquartered in the heart of Northeast Arkansas, though the company has gone global with offices in China, Taiwan and soon any town near you via the mobile showroom. Its distinctive product line can be found in nurseries, home improvement centers, department stores, gift shops and home and garden showrooms worldwide.

Rich fondly remembers his first sale to a local garden center, back when selling five or ten wind chimes was a coup for him and his brother. Today, after a quarter-century in business the mission remains the same: “Sell from the heart exciting products and technology that wow the customer without destroying their pocketbook. The competition will emulate your successes, so always be one step ahead.” And that they are.